Your gap year to Israel made easy

Let us worry about the buy,
leaving you to worry only about the bye.

the service we offer


Too often the excitement of leaving for your year in Israel gets lost in the stress of trying to get so many things organised. BuyB4Bye can remove that burden. Before you arrive, we will purchase your basic requirements here in Israel, package them up and have them delivered to where you will be staying.

stress free

Relax! We are moms! We know how daunting packing can be, especially within strict baggage constraints. We’ve got you covered as far as the packing is concerned - let us buy before you bye.

great service

If in the rare event a packing gremlin creeps into your order, notify us as soon as you can, and we will sort the problem out for you as soon as is humanly possible.

what our Clients say

“I arrived nervous, but excited, and there waiting for me at the Bnei Akiva offices, were my 2 boxes of ‘gifts’. So easy and so uncomplicated….”

– (Stacey, California)

“The packages I received from BuyB4Bye were unbelievable. Everything that I ordered was there, and packed in such a way that was easily accessible and well organised. Karen took careful effort to make sure everything bought was of a high standard. I highly recommend using BuyB4Bye, as they take so much time and effort to make sure everything is perfect for us, and it makes the whole process completely stress-free! ”

– (Jayde, Johannesburg)

“Thank you for the amazing service that you provide. From the minute we placed the order, it felt as if a burden had been lifted off our shoulders. I even had space to pack an extra few pairs of shoes!!”

– (Talyah, Melbourne)


We deliver to the address that you provide us with, anywhere in Israel.

We require 3 working days to fulfill your order (i.e. excludes Friday and Saturday).

If (and we hope it will never happen) an item is missing, send us an email, and we guarantee to deliver the missing item within 24 hours.

Orders under NIS300 will have a NIS40 delivery fee. So rather add to your basket so that you save yourself this charge!

Not necessarily. The items in the pictures are generic, but they will be of the same quality.